8oz Bow Tie Black Powder Coat Hip Flask

Brand: Top Shelf Flasks
Model Number: F8WBMBT1
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8oz Bow Tie Black Powder Coat Hip Flask

This flask is simple, yet elegant.  The flask is created using one of our black powder coated (like a black paint that the flask is dipped in) and has the bow tie with your choice of customization etched into it.  This flask will make a great gift for the groom, best man, groomsman, ushers, or any other person involved on your wedding day.  This flask even extends past the wedding day and can be used to help celebrate anniversaries, being given as gifts after college graduation, or to celebrate any other formal occasion.  Just be careful when using this flask as you are almost certain to have someone around that is coveting its sleek shiny design and might try to take it for their own.

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