4oz "Duct Tape Can't Fix Stupid" Hip Flask

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4oz "Duct Tape Can't Fix Stupid" Hip Flask

That old adage that “Duct tape can fix anything” is one that everyone has heard and some people firmly believe.  This statement isn’t entirely true.  While it may work with all physical applications (if you so believe,) the fact is that duct tape does not fix stupid.  The text on this flask reads “Duct Tape Doesn’t Fix Stupidity, but It Does Muffle the Sound.)  The image on the flask has a comical man with duct tape over his mouth.  Around his head is the international NO symbol with the duct tape going over the guy’s mouth representing the line across the circle.  So this flask just goes to show that even though duct tape can't exactly fix everything, it can still help in most situations.

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