8oz Joker Playing Card Theme Hip Flasks

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Model Number: F8TFMJ1
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8oz Joker Playing Card Theme Hip Flasks

Are you a avid card player?  Do you find yourself playing games from Crazy Eights to Poker to Spades to War and everything in between on any given night?  If you do, this is the perfect flask for you.  The Joker, AKA the Prankster, AKA the Mischievous one is on the front of this flask.  On the back is a classic intricate lace playing card design.  We carry other playing cards whether you are a Ace, the King of your castle, the Queen of your home, or just the Jack of all trades, we have the card for you in other listings.  Fill this  flask and you are ready for a long night of competitive friendly card games or for just a few games of solitaire.

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