8oz "Alcohol Poisoning" Hip Flask

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8oz "Alcohol Poisoning" Hip Flask

Alcohol poising is a very serious issue and should not be taken lightly.  According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) there are approximately 80,000 cases of alcohol poising in the USA each year.  Some of those cases were fatal but may have been preventable if the signs of poisoning were identified.  We have created an 8oz flask that explores the danger and warning signs of alcohol poisoning and ways to stay safe and drink responsibly.  This hip flask will surely receive lots of comments, compliments and conversation while making a positive impact on party-goers at social events where this flask is taken.  Here is what the flask says.

Danger Signs:
- Are they unconscious?
- Vomiting while sleeping or passed out?
- Not waking up after vomiting
- Pale or bluish skin; skin is cold or clammy
- Breathing irregularly with a few breaths and then nothing for awhile
- Breathing is slow or shallow
- Less than 8 breaths a minute
- More than 10 seconds between breaths
Get Help Signs:
- Slurred speech
- Confusion
- Erratic/Belligerent behavior
- Low body temperature
- Drawn out vomiting
- Repetition of phrases/words
- Stumbling
- Inability to support one's self while standing
- Lack of coordination
- Pale skin
- Inability to sustain conversation and focus
- Disorientation to location and time
- Loss of consciousness and memory
Stay Safe Recommendations:
- Consider not drinking
- Determine a drinking limit and stick to it
- Eat before and while you are drinking
- space your drinks over time
- Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
- Avoid consuming shots
- Avoid drinking games
- Avoid letting others get you a drink
- Keep track of how much you drink
- Use a "buddy system" with your friends
- Experiment with drinking less

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