8oz "Right to your opinion" Flask

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Model Number: F8TFMOPST
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8oz "Right to your opinion" Flask

If you like graffiti then you will like this flask with a graffiti themed design. Printed on a premium vinyl material wrapped completely around our premium grade 304 8 ounce stainless steel flask we designed the front of the flask to appear as a grey brick wall with the text “yes you have the right to your opinion and I have the right to think your stupid.” printed in ghang font in black with red outline. The back has a conglomerate of street art markings: splashed red paint used to make an arrow pointing to the left corner of the flask, white circles, and random marks here and there.

Customizing this flask with your personal text is a little tricky and a personal preference as the font color would need to be contrasting which may take away from this unique design, that is why many who purchase this flask get it for the snarky design itself without personalization. 

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