8oz "Tribal Pattern" Flask

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Model Number: F8TFMRB2
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8oz "Tribal Pattern" Flask

Words are hard to find to describe this flask. Is the influence Mayan, Incan, or Aztec? It is safe to say that there is definitely South American tribal artwork to be seen in the pattern. Today many are getting tribal designed tattoos. We went with a different angle in “inking” our premium 404 stainless steel flasks. The white tribal pattern is overlaid on top of blue motif background. At a closer inspection you can see that the motif has circular patterns giving a deeper effect to this one overall design.

Customizing this flask with text is a personal preference and can be a little tricky as the font color would need to be a contrasting color which may take away from this unique design that is why many who purchase this flask get it for the design itself without personalization. 

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