8oz Bachelorette Memento Flask

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8oz Bachelorette Memento Flask

It's wedding season! Get ready for billowing white tulle, teary declarations of love, and best of all, bachelorette parties. If your BFF is tying the knot, send her off with this fun bachelorette party memento (don't worry—we spared you the penis straws, whistles, and hats).  Even Bridezilla needs to unwind before the big day!

On an 8oz flask made of premium 304 grade stainless steel, we use nothing but premium vinyl to create this bachelorette memento. The base color scheme for this flask is in gradient white to pink with round pink bubbles like sporadic balloons that were dropped from the ceiling. The design features five silhouettes of pink ladies with white headbands (one of them looks she actually may be holding a pink lady). Since the design actually wraps around to the back of the flask only a couple can be seen on the front. In the foreground stands a black silhouette of the main lady complete with wedding veil and sporting sass.

The text Bachelorette can be modified to read whatever you need, it can be omitted or moved. We customize this flask to fit your needs.

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