Best Drinks to Order on an Airplane



Most people don’t enjoy flying on airplanes. And that makes sense, after all, who wants to be cramped into some tiny seat, surrounded by babies crying, people coughing, crappy movies, and bad food? Probably no one.

That is why the solution clearly is to drink. Alcohol, that is.

There are some rules about bringing flasks on a plane, but there is no rule against ordering alcohol. Otherwise no one would fly!

Without further ado, we present to you a list of best drinks to order on a plane.

And by best drinks, we mean the most numbing.

The Leap Frog

The strength and severity of this drink totally depends on how much gin the flight attendant puts into it, which is the core ingredient. The drink consists of 3 basic elements: ginger ale, gin, and a slice of lemon. We also recommend this drink because ginger ale is good for an upset stomach. And after eating some stale airline food, ginger ale might be just the thing your stomach needs.

Bloody Mary

There is no better way to mask the taste of vodka with a thick vegetable juice or tomato juice. Some might say that you can’t have a true Bloody Mary without a stick of celery. But on an airplane, beggars can’t be choosers. All we really need for a tasty Bloody Mary is vodka and a can of V8. On the off chance that they have some Tabasco sauce, you can spice it up that way. Pepper might also be a good addition.

Cape Cod

If you ever wondered what the proper term for a cranberry vodka was, well, it’s a Cape Cod. Adding a slice of lemon or lime will top off this drink nicely. The problem is that this drink will remind you of a fun night out in which you probably bought a few of these for yourself as well as the girl that you were hitting on. Well, at least you’ll be able to savor the taste!


With airplanes, it’s all about simplicity – which is why the Presbyterian is a great drink. It’s super simple and very tasty. Just mix some whiskey and ginger ale together, and viola, you’ve got yourself some hard alcohol which will go down easy, and be nice to your stomach too!


It’s not the most original drink, but sometimes sitting back in your tiny airline seat with a cold one is the way to go. Combine a cold beer with some of those tasty and salty peanuts they offer, with hopefully a decent movie on, and you can actually enjoy yourself on a plane ride. Though those peanuts come in really tiny bags – you may want to ask for another to enjoy with your beer.

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