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Best Holiday Gift for Coworkers: Personalized & Custom Flasks

What Is A Good Holiday Gift For My Favorite Coworkers?

coworkers party-tyger_lyllie

Photo Credit: Tyger Lyllie

Say you have a few friends or acquaintances at work, and you want to get them a little something as a holiday gift. Of course, you don’t want to spend too much money, but at the same time, you want to get them something meaningful.  You do not want to get them something that takes NO thought, such as a Starbucks gift card or a picture frame. Rather, you would want to give them something that they will always keep, and which will remind them of YOU.

This can be tricky for most people- how to be creative and personal with a gift, but without exerting too much time or money. A personalized flask might be the nicest and easiest way.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “My co-worker doesn’t really drink much, so it would be silly to buy them a personalized flask!”. This is the wrong way to think, because a personalized flask is so much more than just a vessel for drinking. It is a gift, a work of art, something that one can display on their bookcase at home. Because you can engrave someone’s name on it, this person will be proud of their flask, and display it for all to see, even if they never drink from it.

Generally, most flasks are given as gifts in wedding parties, for all the groomsmen or bridesmaids. And that’s generally because most wedding parties involve a lot of drinking. But when the parties are all said and done, any groomsman or bridesmaid who received a personalized flask with their name engraved on it will likely keep and proudly display their flask in their home. Why? Because its a cool and customized shiny toy that everyone wants.

The best part is, you can customize it however you want. You can engrave your friend or co-worker’s name on it, or you can even upload a picture and have it displayed on the flask. The engraving is really easy- you just type in what you want on the flask, and we laser engrave the text onto the stainless steel flask. The engraving will never fade. This type of gift would make any friend or co-worker smile.

Another great part is that even if you or your co-workers leave your company, they will always remember you because of your unique gift. It is unlikely that anyone else purchased a cool and personalized gift like your custom flask, and you will certainly stand out. And when you have your company party, whether it’s for Christmas, New Years, or any occasion really, your custom flasks will likely be the hit of the party, because it is a gift that looks cool and can also be used.

Happy Holidays!

Photo Credit: Jonathan McPherskesen

Photo Credit: Jonathan McPherskesen


Top Halloween 2013 Events in NYC: The Official Haunted Mansion Party

Haunted Mansion Party

Photo Credit: Loren Javier

Another notable Halloween 2013 event happening in NYC is The Official Haunted Mansion Party! This party really sounds out of this world amazing and lives up to or surpasses its reputation as one of the best Halloween events in NYC! Some past attendees have event described the event as “life-changing”, however I think that may be a little bit of an exaggeration. That being said, this Halloween 2013 night, instead of smashing pumpkins, you can strike down some pins at the frighteningly fun Bowlmor Times Square!

For one night only, this staple NYC destination for drinks, dancing and bowling morphs into a supernatural pleasure dome and it all begins with a one hour Vodka bar from 9 to 10 PM. Imagine all the shocks and thrills you’ll have within the cobweb-lined walls of this 90,000 square foot, multi-level entertainment complex. With multiple bars and plenty of space for the walking dead, it’s a scream, and you won’t want to miss it.

They have so much for you to do, including an open bar, for the open bar ticket holders. There will be music, dancing, and the festivities go on until 4 AM. You just might do more partying in one night, than you’ve done in the past few months, and that’s scary! You must be 21 or older to enter, and they have a large variety of VIP rooms and package deals.

See their website at for more incredible details about this Halloween 2013 Bash that will leave you speechless.

Top Halloween 2013 Events in NYC: Webster Hall Official NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty

One totally outstanding Halloween Party in NYC is the Official NYC Halloween Parade After Party at Webster Hall. This is an event that is truly more fun than you can ever imagine. When you step into the club on Halloween night, you seriously feel like you’re in another world! It’s described as NYC’s Biggest Halloween Party Ever…Guaranteed! It is also described as the most shocking party on the planet. Webster Hall has been a place where New Yorkers come to party since 1886, and was once referred to as the Devil’s Playground.

They are calling this event Webster Hell 2013, so it’s certainly one of the best choices for Halloween 2013 NYC style. They even have an amazing $5,000 prize for the Best Costume! Imagine that? Five Grand for dressing up! Whatever you choose to wear, make it good!

You can get more information on their website at: This event is only for adults 21 years of age and older. If you’re a tourist visiting New York City on Halloween, this will surely be the highlight of your visit. If you live nearby, it will simply be your most memorable night of the year!

Not only will you enjoy four floors of pounding dance music, and many other party goers in their ghoulish and ghastly costumes, you will see fire eaters, sword swallowers, and other performers that will astonish you. Some of the costumes are pretty astonishing too. After all, there are no children in attendance so things can get pretty freaky pretty quickly.

You cannot miss this after party, especially if you made it out to the Village Halloween Parade beforehand.

Happy trails, trick-or-treaters!

Top Halloween 2013 Events in NYC: Village Halloween Parade (40th Anniversary)

If you want to have a howling good time on Halloween in NYC, New York City style, you have GOT to see the 40th Annual Village Halloween Parade! This is an event that is not to be missed! This year, the parade takes place on Thursday October 31st, 2013, starting at 7PM. For costume bearers who wish to participate, all are invited to line-up at 6:30 PM on 6th Avenue south of Spring Street, and north of Canal Street.

Talk about things to do in New York City, this is the largest and most wildly creative public participatory event in the nation (well, maybe aside from Burning Man), so naturally it happens on Halloween in NYC. There will be 53 different bands, hundreds of puppets, artists, dancers, and hundreds of New Yorkers, and visitors, wearing their own costume creations.

Village Halloween Parade in NYC

38th Annual Village Halloween Parade 2010 – Greenwich Village, Manhattan NYC
Photo Credit: asterix611 (Flickr)

For those who just want to watch, you can see it as it happens, on Sixth Avenue, from Spring Street to 16th Street, between 7 and 10:30 PM… and if you’d rather enjoy it from home, or your hotel, you can watch it on WPIX channel 11, from 7:30 to 9.

If you’re able to visit the Big Apple, you will want to see this enormous Party in NYC! It’s always best to observe spectacles like this live as they happen. And, boy, will this ever be happening! They even have a website set up with more information at

If you still have doubts about attending the 2013 Village Halloween Parade, check out this clip of paraders from 2011 performing Michael Jackson’s Thriller:

No matter whether you decide to trek downtown or enjoy the Halloween 2013 NYC Village Parade from the comforts of home, keeping a flask handy will most probably enhance the whole experience. Just remember to be kind and respectful to your fellow spectators as well as everyone present at one of the largest Halloween Bashes of 2013 in New York City!

Top Halloween 2013 Events in NYC: Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl

Halloween 2013 in NYC!

Halloween a very special time of year when the ghouls come out from their hiding and everyone’s inner freak gets a night to shine! There places more ideal than others in which to celebrate such awesomely freaky festivities. New York City is known for its generally “loud” character, a trait which becomes all the more salient on Halloween. Leading up to Halloween 2013, we’re going to highlight a few of the top events that we recommend visiting if you happen to be in Manhattan over Halloween.

Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl

Jack o' Lantern

Photo Credit: Kwan Cheung

NYC Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl sounds intense, doesn’t it? Well, it is! They say that they’re calling all devilish night owls, to join them in New York City on Halloween night for a truly evil bar crawl. This event is just one of many things to do in NYC on Halloween night! Crawl-o-ween is presented by, which is the premier resource for bar hopping tours taking place in various cities.
From the website:

“On this frightful Halloween night, the mad hatters, naughty Alice’s, and brain eating zombies will haunt the hottest bars and pubs in NYC. Sexy bartenders will conjure up dangerously tasty party drinks, alongside some spine-tingling entertainment, all combined to cause a monstrous bump in the night.

Witching hour begins at 5pm, so round up all of your mischievous friends and come clad in your most shocking Halloween party costumes. Don’t be afraid to get particularly naughty. When else can you drink with the devil in style? Located within the Murray Hill area, this Halloween-themed bar crawl is great for those who want to assemble a cast of bogeymen and women residing in Midtown. What better way to drink their way around NYC with a cohesive, spooky Halloween event?”

Always remember: please don’t drink and drive, use public transportation, or have a designated driver (and camera person)!

Registration for the Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl begins at 5pm at McFadden’s Saloon located at 800 2nd Ave New York, NY 10017 (map). There’s a website with much more information and you can see it by clicking here!

Halloween 2013: Halloween Drinking Games & Halloween Party Ideas

Can you believe that 2013 is almost over?? Crazy, right?! It seems like just last month we were shopping for Valentines Day candy and roses!  But the reality is that soon we’ll be shopping for Halloween candy, and coming up with Halloween party ideas.

Halloween parties are truly awesome and, most often, double as costume parties. Given that everyone dresses up on Halloween, this makes sense. These parties give people a chance to “let loose” and get a little crazy. Costume contests are a common component of Halloween parties. During a costume contest, party-goers vote on who they think is the best dressed. Winners receive a decent prize and all rejoice!

No Halloween Party is complete without some Halloween party drinking games. For Halloween 2013, you can just take popular drinking games and make them Halloween themed. For example, rather than using white ping pong balls for beer pong, you can use black and orange balls. Voilà! You have Halloween Beer Pong!

Apple Bobbing

Photo Credit: fantasysage

Another good party idea is to bring back an oldie but goodie: Apple Bobbing! Bobbing for apples is a fun and exciting game that consists of contestants sticking their faces into a barrel filled with apples and water to try and bite onto and extract apples from the water. In this Halloween drinking game version, however, every time someone successfully bobs for an apple, everyone else has to take a shot of something alcoholic. To mix things up a bit, numbers can be carved into the apples, then each person has to drink the number of shots according to what appears on the apple. You can even get rid of the apples altogether, and replace them with those small bottles of liquor! Then the “bobber” has to drink whatever is in the bottle that has been bobbed. This game can be a ton of fun. Just be extra careful that no one gets too drunk while playing becasue we wouldn’t want someone to drown in the container of water and apples, now would we?? But fo’ reals – never allow a completely inebriated individual to submerge their head in a barrel of water for extended periods of time.

Halloween party ideas can also include spooky movies, spooky music, costumes, candies wrapped in black and orange wrappers, and some of those specialty flammable drinks that can be lit on fire. Be careful, however, that the flames don’t ignite anyone’s costume!

If you feel extra ambitious, you can make some orange and black cupcakes using food coloring and chocolate frosting. You can also make the inverse – chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting.

However you end up celebrating, we wish you a great and Happy Halloween in 2013! Holiday season rocks, doesn’t it?

Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas that Include a Flask

Cowboy Costume

Photo Credit: peppergrasss

You may have some exciting plans for Halloween 2013. Whether it’s going out on the town or rocking out at an epic house party, everyone wants to show up in an extraordinary Halloween costume! There are really so many great costumes to choose from. Here are our top 5 picks for Halloween costume ideas that go great with a flask!

  1. Old Western Saloon Dancer or Showgirl
  2. Cowboy
  3. Pirate
  4. Gangster / Mafioso
  5. A Blues Brother

A woman can dress like an entertainer from the early 1900’s – a saloon dancer or showgirl in the Old West. This costume can be significantly enhanced by wearing a garter belt, especially one complete with a flask of her favorite spirits. This way, even if someone shows up late to a party and all the booze is gone, those with a flask in their garter belt will be prepared for anything that comes their way!

A man can dress up as a cowboy, or a pirate, both of which can seem more realistic if he totes a flask attached to his belt or in his hip pocket. No one has to know that the real reason you are wearing the costume is so that you can enjoy a swig here and there throughout the night.

Gangster Woman

Photo Credit: Paul Kelly

Another Halloween costume that would go good with a flask is a mafia or gangster outfit. Find a black fedora hat or a Homburg, some black slacks, a black coat, white dress shirt, and even a necktie. But be careful because if the costume is not done just right, you can end up looking like one of the Blues Brothers (although that’s another great Halloween costume idea). A flask would go great with the gangster look. Women and men alike can dress up as mafiosos… or Blues Brothers! After all, Halloween costume ideas give people a chance to live out fantasies, or goof around all they want.

For that matter, some men, might choose to wear a mini black dress and garter belt, along with the flask tucked away in the garter. High heels might be a stretch though. But, hey! To each their own.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone! Just remember: if you drink, please don’t drive. We want you to be safe and to also enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays as well 🙂