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Flasks and Bridesmaids

If you are looking for an original gift for your bridesmaids or maid of honor, you should consider a flask. Flasks have long been associated with groomsmen and the male side of the wedding party, but nowhere is this locked in stone.

A personalized flask is going to be a very special and original gift. It defies the typical and traditional gifts such as jewelry and other fashion accessories.

The great thing about choosing a flask as a gift for your bridesmaids is that you have the scope to go from conservative to a bit more daring. The stainless steel and pink flasks are on the more conservative end of the spectrum and then there are the beaded and glitter flasks on the other end.

The flask is the perfect bridesmaid accessory for a bachelorette party/hen’s night. When a bunch of girls are going out on the town, what could be better than having personalized flasks with them? Here flasks are very much keeping in line with the tone of the evening and are going to provide a very special memento of it, especially when recollections could be a bit hazy.

As was mentioned in our earlier post about groomsmen and flasks, it’s beside the point if the flask is used after the wedding because it is going to provide a fantastic memory that is going to last the test of time.

But there is no reason why the flask has to sit on the shelf and gather dust. The medicinal values of an occasional stiff drink can’t be disputed. While weddings are fun and exciting, they can also be stressful especially for those in the bridal party. Those who say they have no need for a flask, may be saying something different once the wedding is over.

Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Groomsmen Flasks

In our continuing series on groomsmen and bridesmaids, we want to focus on do’s and don’ts regarding flasks for groomsmen. When it comes to planning for a wedding, everyone has an opinion and at time, fuses can be quite short. The combination of these two elements means that planning for a wedding can be quite a stressful experience. Such being the case, adhering to these do’s and don’ts should aid your wedding experience.

Look at these Groomsmen by Sean Davis, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License   by  Sean Davis

Do Know Your Groomsmen
The flasks are for the groomsmen so you should factor their tastes into the equation. Obviously the groom and even the bride are going to have input and make the final decision, but if you cut the groomsmen out of the process entirely, you may find that they don’t feel so attached to the wedding flask as you want them to.

If it’s a surprise wedding gift as is often the case, there is no opportunity to consult all of the groomsmen without blowing the surprise. Such being the case, consult one of them who will represent all of them in the decision making process.

If you are going to do it without any groomsmen consultation, then go for a basic elegant design that will to be everyone’s liking.

Don’t Cut People Out
Gifts are very intimate gestures and make people feel very special. There is nothing more intimate and special than a groom giving his groomsmen personalized flasks. Because of this, if someone such as a cousin doesn’t receive one and feels like they should, they may be very disappointed. Such being the case, don’t cut out anyone on the periphery. If at all they are on the cusp than include them.

Don’t Eliminate Non-Drinkers

Just because one of your groomsmen is a non-drinker, don’t assume they wouldn’t want a flask. In this instance, you are better off speaking to them before hand and finding out their thoughts as opposed to handing out the flasks to everyone and making them upset at being excluded. The flask just doesn’t have to be used as a flask. It can also serve as a memento or keepsake of the big day and so in this regard would be a special gift to a non-drinker. And who knows, following some shots at the wedding they may find that they like the taste of whisky.

Don’t Use Them Too Much on the Big Day
It is important that in the lead-up to the wedding and making sure that everything is taken care of that people are on top of their game. Drinking too much will prevent this from happening. Once the wedding has happened and the party is beginning, then drinking and celebrating is acceptable unless one has official duties still to perform such as giving a speech or driving the couple somewhere.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Wedding Flasks

As with many traditions, who really knows when or how it started. What can’t be disputed is that there is now a strong connection between weddings and flasks.

Terry downs the flask by The Geary
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License   by  The Geary’s

For a long time, it was only groomsmen flasks, but with a changing in attitudes, it’s also extended to bridesmaids flasks.

There is the practical aspect to it – while weddings may be a lot of fun and excitement, they also come with a lot of stress and anxiety. As such, having something handy to drink from is of great use.

Then there is also the sentimental aspect to it. Weddings are just about the biggest milestone event people experience and it’s nice to have a personalized keepsake of the big-day. Wedding photos and the wedding video are nice, but there is something really noteworthy about a wedding flask.

Party Gifts by The Eggplant, on Flickr
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It takes a memorable occasion and makes it even more special. Now it’s not just groomsmen and bridesmaids that can have their own special flasks but the father of the groom, father of the bride, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, ushers, the bride, the groom and the wedding guests themselves.

This is going to be the first of several blog posts related to wedding flasks – advice when it comes regarding the selection of one, mistakes to avoid and the like.

Everyone dreams of the ultimate perfect fairy-tale wedding and the fantasy isn’t always going to translate seamlessly to reality. The weather may not be as you imagined it, a friend who you thought would be there is for some reason or another unable to attend and the venue you had in mind isn’t available.

All of these things happen. The great thing about the wedding flask is that it is one element of the wedding where perfection can be attained and that perfection will never disappear. You choose the flask you have in mind and then have it personalized as per your wishes. It will be just as you imagined it.

Years from the wedding, when you may not be able to fit into your wedding suit, a wedding gift or two is lost or broken and you’ve lost contact with some of the people there that day, the flask is still going to be as good as it was that day. Drinking out of it will never get old or not taste good.

In upcoming posts, we will take you through all the ins and outs of wedding flasks.

Flasks New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

The start of a new year is the time for reflection and introspection. If you have a flask and appreciate good quality alcohol, here are some New Year’s Resolutions you could consider for 2015.

Claive Vidiz whisky collection by Biker Jun, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  Biker Jun

Don’t Be Intimidated by the Opinions of Others
When it comes to whisky, there are hundreds and hundreds of different types. People have very different tastes and preferences. Don’t be afraid to like something that isn’t a household name and don’t be afraid to like something that is. Whisky can create whisky snobs who feel as though their opinion is gospel. Whisky snobs love nothing more than to tell you their opinions, especially when you didn’t ask. If they like single malts, that’s all you should drink. If they like blended malts, that’s all you should drink. Forget about their experiences and copying theirs– focus on creating your own.

The only way you can know what you like and what you don’t like is by tasting a lot. The more you drink that you don’t like, the better grasp you have of what you do like.

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with listening to what others have to say before making a decision. If a number of people all independently tell you that a certain type of whisky is good or bad, there could be something in that.

Finding an Occasion
Don’t be the person who buys whisky and then never touches it. If you are saving a bottle for a special occasion, don’t wait and wait and wait for some occasion that never happens. Instead turn a nice occasion into a very special and memorable one by opening it. It is the spontaneity of it that makes it special. You finish the special bottle and then go out and get a new one. That is far better than gathering dust.

The tasting by humbert15, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  humbert15

Go on a Whisky Tour
If you have never been on a whisky tour, this is the year you should go to one. Visiting a whisky distillery (and/or any other kind of distillery) just isn’t a great thing to do, but the knowledge of the process gives you an increased appreciation and understanding of whisky. It’s incredible how many people who drink whisky have no familiarity of the process.

Start a Tasting Club
If you and your friends like whisky and/or other alcohols, there is no reason why you can’t set up a tasting club. Be in touch with the distributors and set up a tasting. You could also find yourself the beneficiary of some good prices. If membership to the tasting club comes with your own personalized flask, we know people who could help you.

5 Cocktails That Won’t Stain Your Wedding Dress

Jacqueline Kennedy wedding dress

Jacqueline Kennedy on her wedding day, September 12, 1953.
Photo Credit: Toni Frissell

Adding some interesting cocktails to your wedding reception is sure to get the party started, but syrupy concoctions could permanently stain your wedding dress. You’ll want to keep your dress as a reminder of the most important day of your life, so it’s a good idea to opt for cocktails that don’t stain. Your bridesmaids are sure to thank you when their bridesmaids dresses stay pristine, too. Here are five delicious cocktails that fit the bill.

  • Martini:  This classic cocktail offers the added benefit of being completely clear. There’s no need to worry about staining when you’re sipping a combination of gin and vermouth, and your wedding reception will get that much-needed touch of class that every special event should have.
  • Daiquiri:  Skip the super-sweet additions to serve this cocktail as it’s meant to be enjoyed. The classic ingredients in this cocktail include rum and lime. Sugar is added to the mix to make this a drink worthy of the sweet tooth.
  • Margarita:  This is another cocktail that can keep away the stains when kept simple. A margarita on the rocks is simply a mixture of tequila, triple sec and lime juice. If your menu focuses on Mexican cuisine, margaritas are the perfect addition to the festivities.
  • Sidecar:  A sidecar is basically a margarita with some added class. Swap the tequila for cognac to create the warming effect that is characteristic of this cocktail. Lemon is the preferred citrus for this drink.
  • Lemon Drop:  The clear characteristic of vodka makes it a perfect choice for cocktails on your wedding day. Vodka, lemon juice and sugar combine to make a slightly sweet sip in this refreshing cocktail.

There’s no need to nix the open bar to avoid staining your wedding dress during cocktail hour. While you will need to steer clear of that Bloody Mary or Irish coffee, there are many great options that will keep the party going. Opt for one or more of the delicious, simple and fun cocktails listed above to enjoy a classic drink with your friends and family on your big day.

Four Budget-Saving Alternatives to an Open Bar Wedding

Open Bar Wedding (Photo Credit: Bernard Delmundo)

Photo Credit: Bernard Delmundo

Although weddings can be costly, a beautifully memorable wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, using a little ingenuity can save a good deal of money when planning weddings on a budget. Case in point is the reception bar, an area where you can save money without shortchanging your guests or undermining the beauty of the day. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of four fun alternatives to the usual open bar wedding.

A Signature Wedding Cocktail

Rather than spend money on a variety of liquor and mixers, select one special cocktail that represents you and your new spouse. Personalized and unique, this drink not only provides a bit of insight into who the two of you are as a couple, but also is sure to be associated with your special day forever. In effect, this drink becomes your signature cocktail.

Heritage Drinks

Incorporating the cultural heritage of both the bride and the groom can be an important and resonant part of a wedding. Whether it’s Italian liqueurs such as Amaretto and Limoncello, the tequila-based cocktails of Mexico or Irish beers and ciders, to name a few, serving solely drinks that represent your cultures pays tribute to your families while saving money as well.

A Brunch Bar

Morning is a lovely time of day for weddings, and its brunch menu makes it less expensive as well. It’s an ideal time for serving budget-friendly drinks that are quite appropriate to the hour. Fruit juice-infused concoctions such as mimosa and Bloody Mary are perfect accompaniments to brunch fare.

Wine Bar

As a wonderful companion to any meal, wine also is a great choice for weddings. From Prosecco, an Italian wine with all the sparkle of champagne without the price, to full-bodied red wines or cool Chardonnay, offering your guests a selection of a few wines is an elegant touch that is easier on the budget than an open bar.

Just a few alternatives to an open bar wedding, these suggestions may spark a few unique wedding ideas of your own, enabling you to splurge in other areas to make your wedding dreams come true.