Flasks and Bridesmaids

If you are looking for an original gift for your bridesmaids or maid of honor, you should consider a flask. Flasks have long been associated with groomsmen and the male side of the wedding party, but nowhere is this locked in stone.

A personalized flask is going to be a very special and original gift. It defies the typical and traditional gifts such as jewelry and other fashion accessories.

The great thing about choosing a flask as a gift for your bridesmaids is that you have the scope to go from conservative to a bit more daring. The stainless steel and pink flasks are on the more conservative end of the spectrum and then there are the beaded and glitter flasks on the other end.

The flask is the perfect bridesmaid accessory for a bachelorette party/hen’s night. When a bunch of girls are going out on the town, what could be better than having personalized flasks with them? Here flasks are very much keeping in line with the tone of the evening and are going to provide a very special memento of it, especially when recollections could be a bit hazy.

As was mentioned in our earlier post about groomsmen and flasks, it’s beside the point if the flask is used after the wedding because it is going to provide a fantastic memory that is going to last the test of time.

But there is no reason why the flask has to sit on the shelf and gather dust. The medicinal values of an occasional stiff drink can’t be disputed. While weddings are fun and exciting, they can also be stressful especially for those in the bridal party. Those who say they have no need for a flask, may be saying something different once the wedding is over.

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