Happy Drambuish New Year

Wednesday evening, September 24th, marks Rosh Hashanah, aka the Jewish New Year. Jews all around the world will be celebrating the start of the year 5775.

As with most Jewish holidays, there are a number of food-related traditions and customs attached to the day. There’s matza on Passover, challah on the Sabbath, and bagels with lox on Sunday-Friday. The foods most associated with Rosh Hashanah are apples dipped in honey, bread dipped in honey, pomegranates drizzled with honey, and more honey. All this honey and sweetness is consumed in hopes for a sweet new year. And what could make for an even sweeter New Year celebration than honey-infused cocktails?

Let’s make a l’chaim to the New Year with these Rosh Hashanah inspired drinks that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Sazerac and Cider

Two weeks ago we mentioned Sazerac, well here is a drink that combines Sazerac and apple cider.

Combine some sugar cubes, rye, Absinthe, apple cider with some Peychaud’s bitters and the upcoming year is already looking like a great one!

Pomegranate Cocktail

Bear Valley ’07 by Shayan (USA), on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Shayan (USA)

The truth of the matter is that maybe Grenadine deserves its own blog post. When it comes to cocktails, it is massively under-appreciated.

Due to its rich flavor, the pomegranate is a great ingredient when it comes to cocktail and makes the drink a ruby red color.

The Pomegranate Cocktail contains 2 cups pomegranate juice along with 1 cup grenadine. Combine it with 1 1/2 cups vodka, some orange and lime juice and you have the makings of a happy new year indeed!

Rusty Nail

rusty nail by waferboard, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  waferboard

When talking about honey and cocktails, look no further than Drambuie. And when you are talking about Drambuie and cocktails look no further than the Rusty Nail. There are some amazing named cocktails but Rusty Nail would have to be one of the best.

Just mix 2 oz. Scotch with 1/2 oz. Drambuie. No shock if you start singing “Shalom Aleichem” after drinking this.

Beet It

Somocho - Universal Healthcare by Edsel L, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License   by  Edsel L

Beets are part of the Jewish New Year and if you don’t like the taste of them in borscht, there’s nothing better to wash them down with than this beet cocktail.

Take Beet-Infused Gin and combine it with ginger liqueur, Honey-Tarragon Syrup and lemon juice and you will be able to beat whatever the new year throws at you.

Get your holiday flasks ready, enjoy these four cocktails and have a wonderful, sweet new year!

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