How to Take Care of a Flask so It Will Last You a Lifetime

Not everyone in the world is privileged to have their very own awesome flask. If you’re one of the fortunate ones in existence to have the pleasure of toting a hip flask, then don’t take it for granted! Make sure you know how to take care of that thing so it will last you a lifetime. If you don’t fail your flask, your flask won’t fail you! ūüôā

So how exactly do you take care of a flask? Well, we’ll tell you! Here are some crucial pointers that we think all flask owners (and prospective owners looking at flasks for sale) should know.

  • When you get a new flask, you should clean it simply by putting some water inside,¬†putting the cap on, shaking it up a few times, and then removing the cap and dumping the¬†water out. You can do this two or three times if you want, and there is no need to¬†use any type of soap. Most quality flasks are made out of stainless steel, and the¬†soap could affect the sleek coloring and appearance of the stainless steel, and is¬†not necessary to clean the flask.
  • After you rinse it, and empty it, you can turn the flask upside down, and really¬†shake a time or two, to remove any excess water, then let it sit on the counter or¬†table, on its side, to air dry completely. When filling you flask with liquor, you¬†can use a small funnel, to prevent spilling or wasting any of your favorite¬†beverage, and to avoid spilling any on the outside of the flask.

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  • If you flask ever develops any type of odor, you can put some water inside, and¬†about a tablespoon of white vinegar, then cap it, shake it up for ten or twenty¬†seconds, then dump it out, and then rinse it with plain water a few times, until the¬†vinegar smell is gone. A quality flask will last you a lifetime, if you take good¬†care of it.
  • Some folks clean their flasks with some water, vinegar, and baking soda, but as¬†previously mentioned, you would not leave the solution in there for an extended¬†period. Just put it in, cap the flask, shake it up, even for a minute, then pour it¬†out, and then rinse it out with fresh water, several times. Always lay the flask¬†down, and leave it uncapped to air dry, before filling it with your favorite¬†beverage.
  • Also, you and your flask will be better off if you don’t leave your favorite alcohol or any beverage in¬†the flask for extended periods. It is fine to put liquid in there and use it for a¬†few days, but if the flask will not be used, and will be stored on a shelf or in a¬†cupboard for an extended period, it is best to leave it clean, dry, and stored away¬†empty.

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  2. Sandra Patterson

    I really appreciate your advice about making sure to leave a hip flask empty rather than with liquid stored in it for a couple of days. My brother has been looking into getting a hip flask, but he wants to be sure that he will be able to keep it clean. I will forward this to him and hopefully, that will help him keep a flask clean if he does get one.

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