Monogram & Initials: What’s the Difference in Engraved Gifts?

Initials are 2 or 3 letters of a person’s name that are in chronological order; first name, followed by middle name, and then ending with the last name. A monogram are those same 2 or 3 letters, with the exception that you reverse the middle and last name.

Also, unlike the monogram, initial engraving have all of three of the letters in the same font size.

For example, If my name is Scott Herald Jamerson, then my initials are SHJ with all the letters the same size, but my monogram would be listed as SJH with the J larger than the other two letters.

Initials are a common way to engrave something that you might be giving to someone as a gift, and many people give hip flasks as gifts. So when you order a flask with engraving, personalization, or customization of some sort, having the person’s initials included is certainly one option for you. These initials might also include the date of something significant, perhaps a birthday or graduation. The initials might appear along with a photo of something meaningful for the person, or even a portrait photo. This can make it easier to find the owner of a lost flask as well.

Many people like to give personalized or engraved gifts, because they seem to mean so much more to the recipients.

If someone gave you a birthday gift and it was some cheap item from the dollar store, you may not be inclined to keep it. However, if they bothered to take it somewhere and have it engraved, you are likely to cherish it forever. Why? Because it has your initials on it! My mom once gave me a cheap little pocket knife which belonged to my father’s father, and it had his initials on it, which happen to be the same exact initials as mine! I have always kept that knife, don’t ask me why. Perhaps because of the sentimental worth of it belonging to my grandfather or perhaps because it has my initials on it. Either way, I know I’m holding onto it for a long time.

2 thoughts on “Monogram & Initials: What’s the Difference in Engraved Gifts?

  1. Doron

    How would you go about monograming my initials being (chrono) “ALO” would it still be best “aOl” cause even done with pen and paper the “O” in the middle makes an oddly centered sandwich like some basted put the meet on top of the 2 slices of bread instead or between them called it gourmet and charged an extra $20 for “NOT making a sandwich”! So when I get my ‘Hefner’ styly robe and slippers monogrammed should I just tell them my middle name is my last name and get “ALO” as the end result or suck it up and have America On Line monogrammed on all my belongs?

  2. Kim R

    It is said that traditionally, mens monogrammed initials are in order of their name, so Robert John Smith woukd be monogrammed rJs; and women are done as what we know of – Mary Jane Smith would me a monogram as mSj
    Not sure if this still stands true?

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