8oz "The Cosmos" Carina Nebula Hip Flask

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8oz "The Cosmos" Carina Nebula Hip Flask

This 8oz stainless steel hip flask features a print of an authentic and actual picture of the heavens.  This picture of deep space was taken by The Hubble Space Telescope and shows thousands, if not millions, of galaxies both near and far..well, near being just a few hundred light years away...if you can even call that near!  The bright spot at the bottom center is called The Carina Nebula and has an estimated distance of between 6,500 and 10,000 light years away from Earth.  The image is printed on a very high quality vinyl using a special ink that does not deteriorate and the print is then wrapped all along the flask body for 100% coverage.  Few things are as cool as taking a drink of your favorite alcohol from a hip flask covered with an actual print of the night sky taken by The Hubble Telescope.

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