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Welcome to the Flasks.com coupon code page, where we offer you exclusive deals and sales on flasks and all existing products within our website.

Our coupon codes can be applied to any flask on our site.

Flasks.com Coupon Codes

5% off your first order: code FLASK5OFF

Rules for Flasks.com Codes

Each online order through flasks.com allows for one coupon code to be used per order and 1 time per buyer. 

Once that discount is applied, the price cannot be lowered any further.  Coupon cannot be combined with any item currently on sale.

The Flasks.com coupon code can be applied during the checkout process for all items in the shopping cart.

Our flasks are also available for FREE SHIPPING, thereby increasing your savings when you buy a flask from flasks.com. Also, we ship all of our products, and you can receive it within 24 hours with select upgraded shipping methods.

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