6oz "The Evil Tree" Flask

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Model Number: F6TFMEVTR
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6oz "The Evil Tree" Flask

Need a flask that is unlikely to attract anyone from drinking your hooch?  Trees can be described as “regal” or “majestic.” But this is one of our spookiest and creepiest flasks. This stump of a tree has a curved pointed nose, a creepy grin with cracked and broken teeth, spooky eyes that appear to be made from slices of its own branches; seeing how there are none to speak of, and the eyelashes are made from wood shavings.  A cobweb can be seen where the tree was topped off. The background is designed with rings of tree in mind in color shades of green. The shadow of the tree is so scared it cowers just behind.

The back of the wrap is all black and is perfect for adding text in any color and font. Add your instructions in the “Custom Engraving Instructions” section below.

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