8oz "Fist Bump" Flask

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8oz "Fist Bump" Flask

The “Fist Bump” commonly referred to as “dap” it is a gesture of good sportsmanship, celebratory greeting, or a simple sign of respect. It has been suggested that the fist bump may be a "nice replacement of the handshake" in an effort to prevent transmission of diseases as by baseball player Stan Musial in the 1950's, who adopted it as a way to avoid picking up germs whichfollows the belief that cleanliness is next to godliness. Similarly, a medical study has found that fist bumps and high fives spread fewer germs than handshakes.  It has been used for many decades and even thought to have originated amongst males in the animal kingdom. 

The flask prominently displays the fist bump gesture on a black background with random graffiti style symbols in green and white to fill the space on the front there is still areas available for you to let us know how to personalize this flask for you or intended recipient. There is space below the white wave line and on the back it is open for suggestion. Please keep in mind the more text per line the smaller the font will be.

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