8oz “I Want to Die...”

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8oz “I Want to Die...”

Looking for something a little bit quirky? With a funny flask you are always ready for a BYOB party while out and about. This humorous flask is printed with a serene background of pastel yellow with a green ivy theme that actually starts from the back of the flask. The ivy curls seems to sprout and grow from a cluster of leaves and continue to grow up and curl towards the front of the flask. Within the ivy design can be seen hints of clover, dewdrops, and butterflies. This motif creates a sense of peace and calmness considering the text printed on the front of the flask. Who wouldn’t want to die peacefully in their sleep like grandpa and not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car? There is space along the bottom front of the flask to add additional text or a name in any font or color you specify.

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