6oz Dolphins Heart Flask

Brand: Top Shelf Flasks
Model Number: F6FTFADM
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6oz Dolphins Heart Flask

Set in the ocean against a starlit night sky, a bright full moon replaces the sun as the colors of the sky fade from a warm purple to the cool dark blue of space. Across the horizon clouds can be seen drifting out as if to drop off the edge. Two dolphins leap from the ocean towards each other as if to engage in an amorous kiss. The true romantic them of this flask can be experienced as one realizes the image of a heart comprised of the shimmering reflection on the surface of the water, the water trails from the dolphin’s tails, and the dolphins themselves with the arc of their body.

The oceanic scene wraps around the body of the flask. You can add your affectionate message to the front or back of this flask in the custom engraving instruction box below.

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