8oz "...Kill Me" Flask

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Model Number: F8TFMAASK
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8oz "...Kill Me" Flask

This witty flask will make the perfect conversation starter at any social gathering where you can BYOB.  The design scheme consists of soft to sharp shades of blue. The background is a sky pastel blue with fractal shapes of squares and waves. In an abstract formation you can see a landscape of mountains close to a lake or pond with stars in an evening sky.

Then you have the text which is printed in a nice legible cursive style font “The amount of alcohol I would need to sleep with you would actually kill me.”

The combination of such a calming motif and facetious suggestion is sure to make anyone question or challenge the quoted text.

If so desired we can print additional text, name and/or picture on the back of the flask to make it more personable for the intended recipient.

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