8oz Hip Flask with Cool Optical Illusion

Brand: Top Shelf Flasks
Model Number: F8TFMOI1
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8oz Hip Flask with Cool Optical Illusion

This is a standard size hip flask that holds a full 8oz of whatever alcoholic beverage floats your boat.  The flask is made from premium quality 304 stainless steel that is a hefty .5mm thick all the way around giving the flask stability, integrity and a solid weight.  The design creates the optical illusion that the print is moving, or waving even though it isn't.  This flask will make a great gag gift (even for yourself.)  The design basically consists of different size 4-sided boxes that start large in the center and get smaller as the boxes spread out in all directions; kinda makes you feel like being in a fish bowl!  Although we can personalize this flask most buyers prefer the print just as it is so the optical illusion is consistent on the front and back.

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