8oz “Winged Skull Badge” Flask

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Model Number: F8TFMWSS
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8oz “Winged Skull Badge” Flask

A design in white printed with a black background, this special flask features a dread skull set in a badge shield with wings in the background. The skulls, with long, pointed teeth seems to have a patch over one eye and the effect of a shiny dome or are they deep scars of combat. Wings that spread from behind the badge cover the full width of the flask and the feathers have a feel of a tribal design.  This flask can feature a name, nick-name, or call sign, add additional text to the opposite side of the design or the back of the flask. You can get a flask for each person in your force as each one can be individually personalized. In the “Custom Engraving Instructions” box let us know how you would like the flasks personalized and specify any font style and/or color.

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