Engraved 12oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask

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Model Number: F12EFLASK
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Engraved 12oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask

This offer is for a engraved 12oz stainless steel hip flask .  The flasks main body is very thick (.5mm) and we use only premium quality food grade 304 stainless steel.  This extra thick flask body means that it will not easily puncture , dent or ding and gives the flask a good weight which screams "QUALITY".  Combined with our top of the line engraving to give this flask a look of your own.  The seams at the top and bottom are laser welded which guarantees that the flask will not separate or leak, even if it is dropped.  Each hip flask is leak-tested using a proprietary system that submerges the flask under water and injects air into it while a sophisticated computer scans for bubbles; If no bubbles appear in the water the flask is air-tight and will not leak; if air bubbles appear we toss the flask in the recycle bin and start over.  Finally, we add a stainless steel mouthpiece instead of the industry standard brass so your liquor will never turn green like with other, standard quality hip flasks.  The 12oz flask is larger than then standard 8oz hip flask and should be reserved for serious drinkers.  :)

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