8oz “Laugh Now – Cry Later” Flask

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8oz “Laugh Now – Cry Later” Flask

“Laugh now, cry later” masks have become a mark for artists or art aficionados, from subtle or pure representations to complicated mystical tattoos, the fashion-statement of an artistic reminiscence in a complex lifestyle, free to interpretations, from double entendre to bipolarism.

These symbols can be perceived as an assertion, remark, advice or warning with at least three meanings in one simple read. The most common interpretation of a carefree, fatalist spirit would be “enjoy life while you can, worry about problems later” or taking on a “YOLO” view of life. Another idealistic view would be “put on a front to the world, you can cry/face your weaknesses at home behind closed doors”. Finally, with a strong realistic approach marks the conscientious acknowledgement of all dues to pay in life: “if you are careless now, you’ll be sure to pay your dues later”.

Whatever meaning there is for you, you can make it your own by expressing in tragedy or comedic words on the back of the flask. 

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