8oz "The Reaper" Hip Flask

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8oz "The Reaper" Hip Flask

Our fantasy hip flasks feature colorful and well designed images.  This 8oz flask features a graphic of a grim reaper with his classic weapon, a Scythe.  The Grim Reaper is also known as Cronus or Kronos, which is a Greek god and sometimes known as "Death"; he is a mythical being said to be the gatekeeper of the afterlife, directing newly deceased people to thier everlasting fates.  This hip flask features a dark black background with a diamond shape neon enclosure that appears to glow.  The reaper is floating in the center draped in a blue hooded cloth and wielding his classic Scythe which is an agricultural hand tool used for reaping crops on farms (it is sometimes called a sickle.)  This is a well designed hip flask and because flasks.com owns the art you can only purchase this product on our website.  We can personalize this flask with a name, date or other text on the back.

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