2PK Custom Engraved Toasting Glasses

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Personalized Wedding Flutes

This glass flute is Manufactured in the USA, personalized in the USA and shipped from Dallas, Texas.

The champagne flute (French: flûte à champagne) is a stem glass with a tall, narrow bowl, generally holding about 6 ounces of liquid. The bowl is designed to retain champagne's signature carbonation by reducing the surface area at the opening of the bowl.  Flutes, with their deep bowl, allow for greater visual effect of bubbles rising through the liquid to the top. The flute also helps regulate and reduce the oxygen-to-wine ratio, which both enhances the aroma of the wine as well as the taste.

While most commonly used for sparkling wines, flutes are also used for certain beers, especially fruit beers and Belgian lambics and gueuzes. The flute shows off the beer's color, and helps gather the aroma for the nose. The champagne flute is distinguished from the pilsner glass, which lacks a stem.

By personalizing this item to your event further enhances the experience and enjoyment. Add a Name, Date, Title and/or a simple image when ordering and we will get your perfect gift done just right for you.


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