Do all of my personalized messages have to be the same if I am ordering multiple flasks?
No, each flask can be different and we are happy to custom make as many flasks as you need.  However, if you want to qualify for the quantity discounts each flask has to be the same.  If you need 5 flasks, all with different personalized messages, each flask is counted as a single and the order cannot be combined for a quantity discount.


Can I put any design on any flask?
Yes, We can mix-and-match.  If you see a 6oz flask design you want on an 8oz or 4oz or other size we are happy to convert the image to the proper size at no additional cost.

How quickly are orders processed?
A typical order is processed in 1 business day.  If you order on a Monday we will normally ship on Tuesday, If you order on a Friday we will normally ship on Monday.  We are super-fast at processing orders because we realize that most buyers need thier flasks fast.

I like your design on a flask but I want different colors, is that possible?
Yes, we can change the color scheme on any of our flass.  Each flask is fully customizable and can be quickly personalized to your specific taste.  We are always happy to make your flask the way you want it at no additional cost.

Can I make a return on a custom flask?
Although we do not accept returns we can accept exchanges if the product is damaged.  We are unable to make changes to the design though if an exchange is being made.  For example, If you requested the initials CKB on your flask and it arrived and the flask was damaged, we can exchange it for an undamaged flask but we cannot change the initials; the set-up cannot be changed.
What grade/quality stainless steel do you use?
For the most part we use 304 stainless steel with .50mm walls.  In case you don't already know this is one of the highest quality stainless steel available on the open market.  We use only premium everything when producing your custom flask.
How much is shipping?
Standard shipping is 100% free if the order is being shipped in the continental USA.  If shipping is outside the USA shipping is based on destination and weight and is calculated at the time the order is placed.   There is no minimum or maximum order value to qualify for free shipping.  Faster shipping methods than our standard service are also available; the costs depend on the service needed.
How much is personalization?
Personalization is 100% free on all flasks.  Sometimes there are additional charges for engraving in multiple locations but all charges are always displayed at the time the order is placed.  We will never add charges to your order.
Do you have a minimum order?
Not at all, order as little or as much as you want.
Do you sell your flasks Wholesale?
Yes, the minimum order for wholesale is 25 flasks of the same design.  We do not offer personalization on wholesale flasks sold in bulk.  Each flask has its own wholesale price so you must send us an email to check pricing.
I'm not good at designing, does that matter?
Absolutely not, simply submit to us what you envision and our expert graphic designers will let you know if any situation arises that makes the flask not look perfect.  We are always here to help and because our name is on the flasks we want each one to leave our facilities looking perfect.
I want something vulgar on my flask, is that allowed?
Sure, we have no problems creating flasks with vulgar language, cuss words, risque and nude images or other questionable customization requests.  The only thing we will not personalize our flasks with are messages of hate or discrimination.
Do you charge art cleanup or other fees for my custom art?
Absolutely not, we have no hidden fees.  The price that is displayed to you at checkout is the price you will pay.  We will not hit you with art or setup fees.