Affiliate FAQ

How Much do I Get Paid?
Our current payout is 10-20% depending on how you signed up.  The total commission is calculated on the total product costs but not the shipping.  For example, if a buyer you refer purchases $100 in product and the tax is $8.00 and the shipping is $24.00 the total order value would be $132 but your commission would be based on the $100 in product and not the rest.  Your commission amount would be between $10.00 and $20.00 depending on your rate.

How Often Do I Get Paid? 
We pay monthly after the first period starting on the date you have joined our program. If your commission for any month is less than $25, the total amount will be carried over to the next month. Once your balance passes $25, you will be paid at the end of the calendar month for the complete amount owed to you up until the end of that month. You will always know your commissions due by logging into our affiliate system.  Also, email notifications are sent when someone you refereed makes a purchase.

How Our Affiliate Program Works?
Our affiliate program is free to join and easy to use. As an Affiliate, you simply place links to on your web site, social media site,  auctions or opt-in email lists. Each time a visitor clicks from your site to to purchase our hip flasks, you earn generous referral commissions. All you have to do is decide how you want to link to We provide you with the link code that can be easily added to your site. 
How Do I Get Started?
It's really simple - and it's free! After you complete the online registration form you can log in and start generating tracking codes to place on your website, blog, facebook page or other online or offline source.  Then, as much as you can, market your link to bring as many potential buyers to as possible to earn more and more commissions.
What is Spamming and is it Allowed?
Spamming is where you send out many emails to people you do not know or have had no prior contact with.  WE ABSOLUTLY DO NOT ALLOW any such activity.  Any account that is report as spamming will be immediately terminated and any unpaid commissions will be forfeited.