6oz "God Made a Wanderful Mother" Hip Flask

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6oz "God Made a Wanderful Mother" Hip Flask

Mom, Mother, Mommy.  To the person that represents these word to you most feel that there are not enough words in this world to capture your true feelings.  We don't claim to be able to either, but we may be able to help.  This flask has a setting (or rising depending on our perspective) sun in the background with awesome red and yellow covers.  The front of the flask is covered in text that reads " God made a wonderful mother,  A mother who never grows old; he made her smile of the sunshine, and he molded her heart of pure gold; in her eyes he placed bright shining stars, in her cheeks fair roses you see; god made a wonderful mother, and he gave her to me."  You can get your own text personalized on the back of this flask or you can replace the text on the front.  The text can also by just about any color you would like.

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