Information on Flasks

There are so many questions frequently asked about hip flasks, flask engraving, types of personalization, governing laws and other general flask queries.  As more and more of our shoppers ask these questions we want to make available the answers so here are the questions and answers we have already collected.

What is a Monogram?
A monogram is a set of 2 or three letters, generally the first letter in the persons name.  The arrangement of letters on a monogram are First Name, Last Name, Middle Name.  Notice that a monogram switches the placement of the letters so that the first letter in the last name is in the center of the set.  Then, the middle letter, which represents the last name, is enlarged to be bigger than the letters on the left and right.  A good example is:  My name is Scott Herald Jamerson.  My monogram would be SJH (Scott Jamerson Harold)
What is the Difference Between a Monogram and Initials?
Initials are 2-3 letters of a name that are in order from first, middle last.  A monogram are those same 2-3 letters only you reverse the middle and last name.  Also, unlike the monogram, initial engraving have all of the letters the same size.  My name is Scott Herald Jamerson.  My initials are SHJ with all the letters the same size and my monogram is SJH with the J larger than the other two letters.
How Many Shots do Various Size Hip Flasks Hold?
Good question!  An average shot you would get at a club or bar is 1-1/2 ounces.  That would make the following scale true.
4oz Flask = 2-1/2 shots
6oz Flask = 4 shots
8oz Flask = 5-1/2 shots
12oz Flask = 8 shots
64oz Flask = 42-1/2 shots
How Much Money Can I Save Using a Flask?
Simple, A LOT!  Say you buy 6 shots of liquor at a club or bar in a single night and the average cost is $5.00 each.  That would mean you would pay $30.00.  You can buy our 8oz hip flask for about $15.00 less than 1 night out, use it just one time and have saved about $15.00.  Each time you refill and reuse the flask you are seeing a savings.  We have had buyers tell us they have saved hundreds of dollars in liquor costs in just a few months.
Does a 6oz Flask Fit in your Back Pants Pocket?
For the most part, yes.  A regular pair of jeans made for a man with a slightly loose fit will generally comfortably hold a 6oz hip flask.  A typical pair of womens jeans, being a bit tighter, may be a little uncomfortable after a night of partying.  You may want to try the 4oz if you have on tighter-than-average jeans.
What's the Most Popular Size Flask?
If you base this question on sales data for the past 2 years the answer is the 6oz.  If we break this up further; for a man, it is 8 ounces.  For a woman, it is 6 ounces.
What About Open Container Laws?
Laws vary widely by state, county and city so you should check with your local authorities if you are unsure.  Our research suggests that you can have a flask full of liquor in your vehicle but it must be inaccessible; meaning store that baby in the trunk or locked glove box.  If you received a hip flask from a friend or bought one for yourself be sure you are not driving with the flask on your person or nearby as this can be bad...always be sure to store the flask (when it has alcohol in it) in the trunk or a locked glove has to be out of reach of the driver and securely locked away.  DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!
Do I Need to be 21 to Buy Drinking Flasks?
No, you do not need to be 21 to purchase a hip flask.  You only need to be 21 to purchase and consume alcohol.  Many buyers under the age of 21 purchase hip flasks to give as gifts so the drinking age is not a factor.
Where can I Buy Hip Flasks?
Well, a good place to start is right here.  We are hip flask designers and developers and carry thousands of different hip flasks in stock and ready to ship. should be your first choice in hip flask supply.