8oz Insert Your Own Picture Betty Boop in Wonderland Flask

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8oz Insert Your Own Picture Betty Boop in Wonderland Flask

This unique hip flask can be customized with your picture.  We have created a cool looking dream scape on this flask and we can take most any picture you submit and crop it so that it looks like you are in the scene.  This is a concept exclusively offered at flasks.com.  This busy dream scape (a dream scape is an imaginary landscape or design) features the text "Welcome in Wonderland."  This text will be changed to a name...so, if your name is Beth and you submit a picture of yourself we will place your face in the character and make the text read "Beth in Wonderland".  The figure is Betty Boop and we can easily insert your face into her body.  There are also butterflies, playing card symbols and bubbles throughout the design.  There are singing cartoon mushrooms and a caterpillar smoking from a hookah.  All of this is laid against a green background.  This is a very well designed landscape and the print took a lot of work by our talented graphic designers to create.  When you want to give a truly personalized gift that the recipient is sure to not already own our "Insert Your Own Picture" flasks are perfect!

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