8oz “Coffee Mood” Flask

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Model Number: F8TFMCM
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8oz “Coffee Mood” Flask

If anyone asks it’s your coffee flask – Irish coffee that is. We’ve seen many shows where it’s in the morning and the main character is drinking their coffee and they slyly glance around and reach into a coat pocket or purse and out comes the flask with “creamer” for the coffee.

This design on this flask serves as a label so as not to confuse the purpose of the contents. The colors for this java motif are coffee stain browns and yellows.  Thick wavy lines with vine like tendrils are placed mid flask and down in white espresso brown and a cream brown.  Scattered in with no rhyme or reason are splatter drops in various sizes and three 3-D orbs of mocha.  

Across the top of the design we can add a “code name” for your favorite liqueur or any text you would like, we can use any style font and color of your liking. 

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