4oz Hip Flask with Colorful Orbs or Spheres

Brand: Top Shelf Flasks
Model Number: F4TFMMAR
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4oz Hip Flask with Colorful Orbs or Spheres

You know how some ghost hunters see or record "Orbs" on thier ghost detecting instruments?  Well, these are not those but they are cool none-the-less.  This discrete 4oz stainless steel hip flask is covered in a full color vinyl print that features 3 very colorful floating orbs on the front.  The largest is purple, the smallest is blue and right in the center is green.  This colorful hip flask is considered a fantasy custom design because the only real purpose and meaning in the theme is that it provokes thought and looks pretty.  The sphere look a little like marbles but the designer calls them Orbs so we also call them Orbs.  :)

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