8oz "I hate Mondays" Flask

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8oz "I hate Mondays" Flask

Arrrgh! Monday morning again? Seriously, didn’t we just do this last week? Is it really necessary to have a Monday every week?

Without a plan of action to bring in possibilities and wondrous experiences to the life you live, you’re absolutely right to hate Mondays. You can’t expect to be happy about Monday if you have nothing purposeful to accomplish. Mondays are horrible and there’s nothing you could ever do to change that.

 Have you ever noticed how bad you feel on Mondays? It’s like the more you talk about how horrible you feel the more horrible you feel. Murphy ’s Law right? And what about those terribly perky people around you bouncing around with a smile saying syrupy sweet things like “Good morning” and “Today’s going to be a great day!” I mean who does that? what’s wrong with them right? Can’t they see it’s Monday? Can’t they temper that enthusiasm and excitement just a bit?

This flask is the perfect visual aid in expressing the above thoughts that many people have regarding Mondays. There is a blue turd creature with 3 eyes spewing green fluids from both ends... well because it’s Monday.

Add your personalized message to the back of this great Monday flask.

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