8oz "Hooked on Noodling" Flask

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8oz "Hooked on Noodling" Flask

When most people go fishing, they hop in a boat with a rod and a reel. They spend a relaxing day outdoors with their buddies, fishing tackle, and a cooler of ice-cold drinks, lazily casting out and reeling in.

The fishing technique known as noodling is something completely different. There's no fishing rod. In fact, there's not even a boat. A noodler wades into the muddy water, feels around for a hole and waits for a fish to lurch out and sink its teeth into his hand. What better way to go catfishing than to have one hand stuck in the mouth of a flathead catfish and in the other this drinking flask with the picture of a catfish and the words “Hooked on Noodling”.  It's never wise­ to noodle alone.

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