6oz Musical Hip Flask, Do-Re-Mi-Fa

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6oz Musical Hip Flask, Do-Re-Mi-Fa

Typically this text refers to Solfage or "solfa" which is a way of remembering the tone and position of the note in the scale it is in.  A bit of musical knowledge (your welcome) but we have altered the meaning to represent the need for alcohol.  This 6oz hip flask features the words:

Dough...The stuff that buys me liquor
Ray.....The guy that sells me liquor
Me......The one who drinks the liquor
Far.....A long run to get liquor
So......I'll have another liquor
La......I'll have another liquor
Tea.....No thanks, I'm drinking liquor
That will bring us back to DOUGH

If you are looking for a good laugh from a funny hip flask with a musical theme this flask will be perfect for you.

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