4oz "Economy" Hip Flasks - No Personalization

Brand: Top Shelf Flasks
Model Number: F4CKBECONO
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4oz "Economy" Hip Flasks - No Personalization

When price is the most important part of your decision to purchase a 4oz solid hip flask our "Economy" line of stainless steel drinking flasks is the perfect solution.  This flask is sold as a "blank" (also known as plain) which means no personalization or customization is permitted, that makes the price as low as possible and affordable for most any budget.  If you want an inexpensive hip flask without all the bells and whistles this is the flask for you!  The drinking flask is made from 201 stainless steel and has soldered welds at every joint.  Each flask is guaranteed for life not to leak or turn your booze green.  Even though this flask is not the same high quality as our other flasks it still functions as a flask and is sold with a lifetime warranty.

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