8oz "Outlaw" Flask

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Model Number: F8TFSKGOL
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8oz "Outlaw" Flask

This flask features on an all-black background a motif with lots of detail. Not your typical skull cross-bones, this is a skull with crossed flintlock pistols which appear as if on a mounting plaque. The skull is slightly tilted forward with piercing eye sockets atypical of a natural skull and a sinister smile. The flintlock pistols are ornate with a regal lion and viney decorations. Below the chin of the skull is a cross and on top and below the plaque are fleurs-de-lis. From behind are rays of light and sprouting from the sides are wings. These conflicting images, the skull a symbol of death and the wings a symbol of life, carry a profound meaning and differ among everyone. Expound the meaning of this flask with what is personal to you. We can change the existing text and add your own in any MS Windows font and/or add an image to the back. 

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