8oz "Surfer Sunset" Flask

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8oz "Surfer Sunset" Flask

The art of wave riding is a blend of total athleticism and the comprehension of the beauty and power of nature. Catching waves developed from being part of everyday work to being a pastime. The depiction of this flask is the silhouette of a lone surfer in a thoughtful walk along the shoreline. Palm trees, seagulls and beach shrubbery mark the landscape. Melting into the horizon warming the ocean air into night is the warm glow of the sun as it’s radiant rings of yellow, orange, red diffuse into a pinkish hue.

This setting is printed on a premium white vinyl that wraps the entire 8oz stainless steel flask. Adding a message or favorite saying with the unique surfer language: “like wow,” “daddy-o,” “strictly squaresville,” “dude.” “Surf’s up!” meant the surf was high enough to ride; “Wipe out!” meant to fall off the board; and “Hang 10” meant surfing with all 10 toes over the nose of the board can be printed on the back of the flask for no additional charge.

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