8oz ”Tribal Dragon” Flask

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8oz ”Tribal Dragon” Flask

 With the capacity to express the best and the worst of the human condition the iconic dragon has been wavering in and out of fad and collective imagery over the years being featured in almost every cultural landscape often in tattoos. In the East, such as China, the dragon is a symbol of prosperity, luck, and protection. In the West, such as Europe, the dragon has a long held reputation of chaos, avarice, greed, and immorality. These are broad strokes, but it paints a general picture of dragon symbolism in the two hemispheres of the world.

Our newest deco addition, the “Tribal Dragon” Flask is another design in our dragon themed flask section. For the background we started by using a gradient color theme of blue, taupe, and yellow. The art design on the face of the flask consists of circle and swirl designs. For depth a solid 3-D ray bars emanate from the center creating an effect of the tribal dragon floating on the foreground.

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