12oz Hip Flasks, Bulk Wholesale Lot of 25 ($11.95 each) - No Personalization

Brand: Top Shelf Flasks
Model Number: F12WFB25
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Price: $298.75

2 or more $273.75
5 or more $248.75 - Bulk Pricing

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12oz Hip Flasks, Bulk Wholesale Lot of 25 ($11.95 each) - No Personalization

This offer is for a wholesale lot of 25 12oz hip flasks without personalization. This is not your average 12oz flask!  You may find other sellers offering a 12oz hip flask for around $5.00 but you may not be purchasing a quality product!  ONLY $9.95 EACH IF ORDERING 125 OR MORE!

This 12oz hip flask is very high quality.  First we use premium 304 stainless steel during construction.  Also, each seam is laser welded which means the seals will not break and the flask should never leak, even if it is dropped.  We also leak test each flask using water and a 100% accurate pressurized air system.  We also use stainless steel mouthpieces, most flask makers use brass which can corrode over time.  Another premium quality feature is that we use .5mm thick stainless steel which not only adds stability to the flask but gives it a good weight so it feels like an expensive flask.  Each flask is also individually gift boxed in a plain black box and sold with care instructions so you know the best way to care for your flask.

Unlike other flasks this 12oz flask is built to last a lifetime and should never need to be replaced.  When quality is important you should buy from flasks.com

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