6oz Orient Landscape

Brand: Top Shelf Flasks
Model Number: F6FTFMWAH
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6oz Orient Landscape

This is a vinyl wrapped 6 oz. flask printed with a winged heart that is on fire. There are vinery decorations that extend from the heart with a few green leaves. The background has a radiant yellow and orange theme various sizes of circles. The winged heart expresses your love, and more than that the intensity of your love. A flaming heart specifically represents passion for something or someone. Sporting this flask can mean one is passionate about his relationship or beloved, or even about other things in his life like work or a hobby (the latter meaning is quite rare!). The steady flame on the heart stands for the never-ending spirit. The wrap on the back is a plain color scheme of a gradient yellow to orange. This will allow you to add a personal message or name.

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